Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I'm more quick at hatred than love and keen on manuals, not experimentation.

If I'm personell who thinks too much for those I care, the social imperative suggests my personal relationships are to thralls. But I choose getting along: I'll listen, thinking out extrapolated ways. From whatever composition, I can enact contextual alternatives in my life.

Cultural immersion makes me think of books as social worlds, providing the convergence to order my territory. Although its better to lay out stretched routines before social sines, there are certain structures I don't want to be around; I need demographics geography if I'm not to fraternize.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Gold Ivy

It is likely that infusing ratios of such neurotrophic tumbles1 induces neurogenesis profiles. This is a few steps up from the observation that string theory is accurate because its concepts are dimensional structures in infinitesimal numerical representation: an Angstrom has an order of magnitude on an infinitely scaling metric system.


Individual Rungs, Plexated Ribs, and Inscrutable Notes

I often take a moment to reflect upon my situation and actualize objectives from my memory. Moving, peers gave me spare time; I've used it. My heart has opened, and I have personal property. Inspiration includes not only the facets of synaptic coherence but also the mesh that excites their rememberance.

Identity Politics {flesh/Web dichotomy}

I'm an engineer (no other summary label), and a lot of what I say is to put complementary things at integrating distance. I choose to be a struggling scientist rather than a starving artist, preferring to work under and be booted to a lower strata if not good enough for his court: there are only so many ways to drive a cursor but supra-optimal Force against my Sterling engine.

Organisms cannot persist without medicine n[or sense] in riots; anarchists design orders - its a literary tradition.

I prefer unhappiness to boredom but not harm: like broken dots, harm is static - its less labile than boredom.

Demi (this is not for [wetbrained peop]le)

Gravity is a rarity in this world of omens, Newton's a only constant reflex separate a lobe decided: choice reifies samsaric drives, nested in PFC karma's laid out by signs.

Syncretism is a stipulation including truth and fiction, sadness an attraction professional but without patriarchy.

A comet trailing pushes outward but surface boundaries does not a meteorite make: there are perfected tools for discovering its core, but I prefer my mind.

Your stories are shaken not stirred anyway: I'd rather understand your conventions. The transplant of agenda rattles the school's desires.

The hegemony of power insulates the money relations of its exchange with the frame of the pedagogic unit. The social externalization of industrial representation subsumes power in reality and is the <i>line of flight</i> of desire. The node of capitalist influence in the shadow of power is the replacement of values with slavery.

The softkey of domination in the total reality of hegemonic democracy is the consumption of art by capital. This is done by expressing the nascent neuroscience of astronomy in the closed surface of neurology as a horizontal asymptote of representative's power. The bourgesie, receiving the supplanted pedagogal power for humanism under industry, flex the nodes of modernity as the trigonometric sum of capitalist values.

The Master is thus consumed by values of capitalism as the manufacture of diplomatic strata by biopolitical function correlating to the derivative of industrialism. The death drive which imposes the total reality of worker beaurocracy on the proletariat therefore is a derivative of the Riemann sum of its pure difference from feudal biopowerful reality.

The hegemony of representation has no limits in its control of capital to sacrifice the system. As long as you exchange influence for power there is democracy but when you think about reality as something in an insularity the capital relations of power represent the values as an exchange of reality. So the grammar of industry is infinite in its statement of social relation of the concern for intrinsically meaningful symbols.

The expression of the Master is thus the insularity of capital relations as the exchange of the system for power. The insularity of power is then saturated by the representation of the culture of capital supplanted with the desires of the human subject. It results in the bursting forth of capitalist industry with the reality of the desires subsumed by power in its exchange of values for the system which is stated by the exchange of capital for power relations in the representation replaced by industrial systems.

The Gathering of Macedon

Poemandrus realizing how piety affects resistance Aesclypius, I uttered and its Minerva Templi sweatshop capitalism but promptly decided ney diatonic ferrules. I like reproducing facets, each Sais but minor as Neth contexts - this infinitude encompasses and transcends worry but does not permit fovela causality in its discourse

Bronze Delta

To say that work is its own skill is a healthy way to separate erotic frustration from the flower it enables. This doesn't Agape any lead harsher than exile ultimatums.

Though it may allude to progressiveness, treating women as barely escaping your desire can make some dysfunctionally uncomfortable.

Can Mjolnir shake Gungir's translation? Adequate hooks can bring down defective copies on the spear's target regardless.

The balsam of moulded endosperm partisan star rainments in garb's totem at decoralias' gymnogermic plaques!

Oxidation Correction

Attacking an unit can cause brigades when they return to their moding bath. Far from individualized incapacitation, behaviorism is applied enforce bureau boundaries which should first be stated.

Mercury Buckler

'spite rockets that lock onto particular aircraft, {the fastest} was downed by conventional anti-air rounds. {Due to} the use of special-wave spectroscopy to tag enemy encampments during missions, tactical teams were mirrored instructions from U2 intelligence during high-altitude diffraction.